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I'm Summer, and I am a portrait and fine art film and digital photographer based out of the North Shore area of Chicago, Illinois. I specialize at shooting in natural light. Whenever I make a photograph, I try to tell a story that captures the energy of that moment in time; highlighting details, movement, nature,'s like magic to me! (Do I sound like a photo nerd yet?)  I aim to create portraits that are close, intimate, fun, and tell your story. With kids especially, I love to incorporate a favorite toy, a special place - something that highlights who they are today.


I think I had been taking pictures in my mind my whole life; long before my first film photography class as an undergrad student at New York University - I just didn't know it yet. Having spent much of my childhood traveling, (my parents were missionaries) I got the opportunity to see some pretty amazing places first-hand, and for that, I am forever grateful. From Africa to Japan to Europe and back; I love the mix of people I've been able to see, meet, and talk to along the way. They have given me dynamic snapshots in my mind that I carry with me always. These experiences, along with my two favorite people on the planet - my kids! - instilled a love for photography and portraiture. I started my business in 2009, and though I have shot many large-scale events and weddings, I still prefer small cameras, small lenses, high quality film, and immensely meaningful conversation. I like to connect with my clients - to you! - listen to your stories, and create photographs that are unique to you.


Other stuff about me? Well, I (still) crave traveling and exploring new places, and generally just being outside. I try my best to see elements of God's handiwork in everything. I love to laugh...a lot...and find it impossible to be too serious for too long. You can always find me reading, and - fun fact - I am actually a Librarian as well. Other than that, I usually spend my time being silly with my kids, dancing to (cheesy?) music in my car while the people next to me in traffic roll their eyes, attempting to keep my house plants alive, attending barre/yoga classes, and writing run-on sentences. (Obviously).


I'm also very passionate about finding ways to use my photography skills to promote awareness and donate to organizations that are doing great work to educate and increase literacy for women and children. Every year, I hold special sessions or fine art print sales events called "Portraits for a Purpose" that will benefit organizations such as HOPE Worldwide, Malala Fund and others. It is a joy for me to donate profits from the fine art photographs that I take "along the way" in my daily life. Every time I snap a photograph, it is usually because whatever I am seeing makes me feel something; and I love having those images contribute to a great cause. Please ask me about this if you are interested in participating! Thank you!


See you soon,