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I'm Summer and I am a portrait and fine art film and digital photographer, based out of beautiful central Illinois. I specialize at shooting in natural light, and whenever I make photographs, I strive to capture the energy, serenity, and magic of the moment; highlighting details, movement, nature, and emotion. I aim to create portraits that are close, intimate, true, and tell your story.


I think I had been taking pictures in my mind my whole life; long before my first film photography class as an undergrad student at NYU, I just didn't know it yet. Having spent most of my childhood moving and traveling with my parents who worked as missionaries, I got the extraordinary privilege of seeing some amazing things first-hand: From the stunning landscapes and wildlife in Africa, to the speed of life on the packed streets of Tokyo, to the visual array of architectural wonders and museums throughout Europe, to the fashion and cultural fusion of life that is New York City. Most importantly, I love the mix of people I've been able to see and meet along the way. They have given me dynamic snapshots in my mind that I carry with me always. They, along with my two favorite little people on the planet, my kids, are what truly energized me and led me to photography as a career.


I crave traveling to new places, and exploring the great outdoors. I try to see elements of God's handiwork in everything. I love to laugh...a lot...and find it impossible to be too serious for too long. I enjoy reading (I also work as a school librarian), learning new languages, going to the movies, eating anything that is salty and sweet at the same time, playing pretend with my kids while talking in funny accents, dancing to Michael Jackson music, attempting gardening, trying to be a yogi, sipping tea out of real teacups...and writing run-on sentences.


I'm also very passionate about finding ways to use my photography skills to promote awareness and donate proceeds to organizations that are doing great work to empower, educate, and improve the lives of women and children around the world. Every year, I hold special sessions called "Portraits for a Purpose" that will benefit organizations such as HOPE Worldwide, Stories of Autism, LIGHT, Kiva, PALS, and others. Please ask me about this if you are interested in participating and finding out more. Thank you!


See you soon,